Hi...My name is Evita Elksne and I am a mother of six. I love taking photographs of children because they give you so much and it is my favourite thing to capture their smiles and their playfulness. My children inspire me to take beautiful photographs of them because I want to remember how they were when they were little. So any photographs that I take I make sure that I capture the moment that is given to me. This page is made to make people see how beautiful life is through a lens, when you look at the nature, the portraits of people and what you see in the photographs, art photos that are taken at any moment of my life, unplanned and how beautiful it can look when they are printed out. Also how the pictures capture peoples happiness and what it gives to you. Photographs are never the same!

Every baby is small and tiny, Every baby is beautiful,
Every baby is very Special,
who change our lives- it will never be the same again!
Your new baby who brings so much happiness and so many smiles
is new to the world and just at the beginning of his/her new life.
Capture this once in a lifetime special moments and
have them to treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

Professional Photography Diploma ( Photography Institute 2012)

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Evita Elksne
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